The Drow, also known as dark elves, are a humanoid race which live predominately within the Underdark although some isolated settlements exist underground and small outposts on the surface. Drow are physically shorter than the typical Elf but are physically otherwise similar in appearance in stature. Their skin and hair color ranges from a cloudy grey to a charcoal black while their eyes can be grey, black, yellow, and most commonly, red. Drow are seen as attractive as most races and Drow society places a very large emphasis on appearances, abandoning or sacrificing deformed children to the Underdark.

Such is the violent life of the Drow which constantly engage in scheming and murder for which their entire society is based around. The lifespan of a Drow is similar to that of an Elf and can be centuries long, however most Drow in the Underdark do not pass young adulthood and either are killed in the many conflicts the Drow have between City-States and with the other humanoids of the Underdark or are ritual sacrificed.

Drow possess an innate resistance to magic and a ferocity to them which makes them a difficult opponent to face in combat. From a young age Drow are trained to inflict pain and that mercy is a sign of weakness. Repeated offenses or overt displays of emotions such as love can lead to a Drow being exiled or even killed. Drow see themselves as superior to all other humanoids and deeply value ruthlessness and intelligence.

Drow are apt craftsmen and typically devote their lives to a particular skill, be it pottery or war, as their society is composed of a large amount of slaves which perform most menial tasks for them. These slaves are typically made up of other Underdark or subterranean humanoids although sometimes surface races can also be found.


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